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Let it go
Or envelope it
It’s yours
Run, run
If you move with it daily
You’ll be alright
‘Cause nothing says yesterday
Like manipulated memories
And when your chance is broken
And your hearts quit working
You could keep smother talking it
With no chance for listening
That shits stuck in a loop
And not the kind you wanna spit to
Give that fucking record the felt brush
And put the past to a hush

It's all done
It’s all done
All done
All done
May our memory remain unabashed and hardy
We don’t have to settle for a single party
We can, shop the block, cruise, and see what’s hot
And if we find company then that’s where we’ll be
We must stay, ardently critical
And not brush, this off as typical
Let’s have a toast to the jeering voice
Yet, we won’t hold a glass unless we have our choice

We could set it off
We could set it up
We could break it off
We could sit and gawk
Or we could simply talk
It reflects who we are
No use in throwing shade in the dark
We could set it off
We could set it up
We could break it off
We could bring it up
It reflects who we are
No use in throwing shade in the dark

Simply turn your tele on, get a smear of all that’s wrong
Dig it like the Dalai Lam, as if the Pope supported trump
Switch the feed and it’s all gone, “Have it all if you stay strong”
Worship false idols, big butts - “What’s a demagogue?”
Brush it off, brush it off
They want us to give it up
Fake news ain’t no thing but click bait
But is it harming us?
Proxy wars stir more than dust
Infrastructures turn to rust
Trickle down money good for nothing,
But the boom and bust

Is hate on the rise? Or is it just more apparent?
Shoot love out your eyes
Should we be surprised?
I feel, so excited
You’ve come, I’m enlightened
Two eyes open wide, yet
Staring through a mindset
You’ve shook all my knowledge
Thrown debt beyond college
Old man he said, “It’s all about your weakness”
You’ve taught me that there’s more to life than breathing

Ooh I’m feeling so violent
Ooh I think that I’m crying
All these suckers keep trying
You and I
Why can’t it be love, baby?
That we’re trippin’ on, tell me?
That’s why I'm lovin’ on you
And all the things that you do
They make me feel warm
Lee from the storm
To have you
I must go
Five years to the day - add tomorrow
I love it,
But it hurts so
That we can’t handle this no more
I waited - for shit to change
Yet, we’re killin’ us - just the same
If you could loan some love, I would borrow
The only interest that I’d pay would be in sorrow

I’m locked in
Though there’s a deficit
My heart is nearly overdraft

There’s only so much light before we die
At this time, I can’t be bothered, why?
I could blame it on you,
But that’s a near miss
We were born into the world of mere indebtedness
Where ya gon’ gon’?
Stepping out the limelight
When the only you can bank on is your love life
When the nights right, in your prime, and so high
The untouchable child with everything in sight
Why can’t we just solve this nonsense
Break away and live like concepts

I’m broke, but I’m pulling it together my love
Mended heart, but I’m not sure that I’ll spend it on ya
Bound love, comes with too many terms
And if I can’t evade you, I might just defer

I’m locked in
Though there’s deficit
My heart is nearly overdraft
We could spend the seasons, and yeah call it “love”
I could keep believing this is what I want
Greater than the riots, dead, and growing poor
I can’t keep on lying to myself no more
I am not present - for you
Only a listless fit of pity on the move
And you can try, try, try
To get beneath me
But I don’t see this as you do
Hell, I don’t think I want to, no

Pushing made-up loving don’t make happy homes
Building expectations leave your blankets cold
I see you with your shovel, you’re not digging in
This ain’t love you’ve found, this is frozen ground

I know you’re ready
Feeling you want to go steady, love
But my heart is heavy
And I don’t feel like it’s ever mending
I want to be with you,
But maybe some other life
Cause’ I’m done pretending
That I’m understanding
That things will turn out fine

There’s a bitter taste to this truth
Something that will always stay with you
And you don’t have to fight, it’s alright
I will always love and respect you

Maybe I'm not ready - I talk shit
Cover my fears, with these lies
I can’t make it out, so I flaunt this:
Calm & dispassionate guise
So many fires, burning in my heart
So much smoke, billowing into my lungs
Only one, as cold as you
Could ever press your lips to my chest and
Give me that good air
But my, propensity
To remain enveloped in all this heat
Has got me fearful of shivering in your lair

I could show you my world
But we both might start burning up
And I know, and I know
What your mama said:
“Touch alone, may not be love”

Your touch is a - show stopping, youth-talking no taker
Clean up the fade and the face straight razor
Pull up your socks, chin high, strong posture
Throw down the smoke do yourself a favour
You’re well aware of what I know
But I bury it deep below
And we’ll still come
And we’ll still grow
Let’s just make these changes (slow)

And I could give you my world
And you could change anything you want
And I know, and I know
What you thought I said:
“Touch alone, is all I want”

But, that’s just short of quite enough
I need a little more of your stuff
Somewhere between tears with nothing
And tears with too much

See we could tear down the walls of this false dichotomy
And not dig all the things that we’re supposed to be
We could clear all the fog from our blurry eyes
Feel free to speak what’s on our minds

See we could live in this world
And comfortably be whatever we want
And I know, and I know
How the confines pull
Braving the cold is all I know
Oh love, I feel there’s no way back
Take all hesitation and place it in the trash

And I beg to the Gods not to be unkind
Don’t play with our hearts, we are too well designed

And I prey on your patience to keep me inline
And I know that you’ll never leave me behind

When my bones crack, you lean back
And look me in the eye

And I never thought that I’d had this much of a life
And I never thought that I’d have this much of a life

I have so many songs
With holes and empty spaces
You’re my harmonic cadence

I haven’t felt this strong
‘Till you and I embraced this
Our love is breaking cages